Travelling Exhibition

Games culture in Germany - 20 Milestones

What is it about the cliché that Germans love to manage in games, with a preference for the Bundesliga or cuddly Settlers with a high scurry factor? Why is the Stasi in the playful East interested in the development of the DDR's only slot machine, Poly-Play? And why does the considerable commercial success for the German developer of the Moorhuhn rather go back to carelessness?

The history of games culture in Germany is rich in episodes that bear witness to the success and failure of the protagonists of a new medium. The special exhibition recalls these stories in an exemplary selection of milestones of German games culture.

Since the commercialization of computer games in the early 1970s, Germany has been one of the world's largest markets for digital, interactive entertainment. But Germany also stands out as a production location with many innovative and internationally acclaimed titles. The exhibition "Gameskultur in Deutschland. 20 Milestones" shows the historically most significant games from Germany and takes a look at important social events such as the youth protection debates and the establishment of the German Computer Game Prize by the German Bundestag. Through references to international developments, the exhibition not only paints a picture of the German games industry with its national characteristics, but at the same time gives visitors an impression of the global history of games.

With eight playable exhibits, including the historic video game machines Nürburgring and Poly-Play, the exhibition offers attractive gaming fun. The exhibition texts are easy to understand even for non-gamers without prior knowledge. Further information about the exhibition and the rental conditions can be found in the following two PDFs.

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