Permanent exhibition

Computer games. Evolution of a medium

Welcome to the Computerspielemuseum. A journey back in time to fun-filled childhood and youth and forward into the virtual-real world of the future can begin. More than 300 exhibits, rare originals, playable classics, interactive game objects and art productions bring to life the world of the playing human in the 21ˢᵗ century.

Human beings are playful fellows. For a long time, they have played with machines and created virtual worlds. In the 70s of the last century, they invent digital toys. With Computer Space and Pong, a new industry emerges. Since then, hardware and software have not only changed our age-old culture of gaming. Games also change the way humans create visual worlds and sounds, tell stories, communicate globally, learn, play sports, create. The message of the medium is interaction. It shapes our everyday life, work and leisure, education and art, economy and politics, and it influences the future of our coexistence.

The more than 70 gaming devices in our “Wall of Hardware” have played a special role in this rapid development. A video arcade in the style of the 1980s reminds us that games began their triumphal procession in a public space. In iconic living rooms from the 1970s, 80s and 90s, playing with classics evokes the time when games became available in our homes. Why 50 games made history can be explored on our interactive “Wall of Games.” And at the world-famous PainStation, Game Art asks what a victory is worth to us. Over 300 exhibits invite you on a journey into the world of the game-playing human being in the 21st century. In this exhibition, everyone becomes "Homo Ludens Digitalis" themselves. Highlights from the 70-year history of games can be played, including sought-after vintage classics and rarely seen originals from the founding years of the new medium. Welcome to this unique treasure trove of digital culture - “Replay History”.