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The personal Classic – SEP-NOV: Pokémon Stadium(1999)

Tuesday, 15. September, 2020
Presented by Matej Samide

Pokémon is a phenomenon which recently reached a new peak with the release of Pokémon GO. The origin of this pop cultural uniqueness lies in the 90ies and thus in my childhood.

In the year 1996 a videogame saw the light of day in Japan which would shape more than one generation of children. In 2000 it reached Europe and the US and since then there has been no end to the pocket monsters. Hundreds of monsters and episodes, a dozen of movies and videogames, stickers, collecting cards, figurines... There’s hardly a videogame that has affected the world and me in such way.

I’m a Pokémon Kid – mostly because of my birthdate. I was nine years old when the cute monsters came to Europe – I was in a very impres- sionable age and thanks to my allowance already owing the right to purchase items. So I collected Pokémon stickers, played with collecting cards and was thrilled to cheer for Ash, Misty and Brock (and even a little Team Rocket). The words „I wanna be the very best“ alone make the melody sound in my head.
However, one thing was missing: a Gameboy to become a champion myself. It should take many more years until parental resistance was weakened and my savings had grown so I could fulfill my dream and defeated – late but still – the Elite Four. Luckily Pokémon Stadium was released in 1999.

Being the kid who didn’t own a Gameboy, I also didn’t have a Nintendo 64 and therefor no access to mentioned game. The local Kaufhof mall became to us what was the arcade hall for other generations. The center of one’s own love for videogames, where the first steps inside a world of pixels and polygons were taken. In one of the shop’s corners was a set-up of consoles to test games and one of it was Pokémon Stadium. Countless afternoons I met there with other kids who didn’t own a console and fought their Pokémons with mine. Due to the lacking Gameboy these hadn’t been caught by me – but at least chosen by me – it was a joy! The videogame corner remained
our meeting point for years. In that place new worlds were discovered and tournaments fought out. Even long after the Nintendo 64 had been replaced by the Gamecube and Pokémon Stadium by Super Smash Bros. Melee we continued to compete there.

Until today the N64 owns a special place in my heart. Even though I never owned one myself it still feels like my first own console. And until today Pokémon on Gameboy – after I finally got one – belongs to the games which have affected me the most and my love for the pocket monsters still continues until today. It all began with Pokémon Stadium.
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