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Time travel with Poly-Play and PainStation

Full use of your body. Oh yes, and while we are at it. If you turn around, you will find even more moving exhibits: Dance Dance Revolution from the year 2008 with a couple of original songs and playing modules: the Reebok Cyberrider. Or Wii-Bowling, a particular favourite with people older than you are. But it all amounts to the real thing: playing in the museum. And instead of tiptoeing and speaking in hushed voices, here you are allowed to run and turn around and encouraged to have fun.
Poly-Play, the first and only videogame machine produced in the former GDR
On the other hand, you lovers of pain, we have something special for you as well. Just look straight ahead. There is a piece where many have implored the pain to subside, depending on how tough you are: the world-famous PainStation from 2001. You may indulge in playing Pong, but each of your blunders will be punished with an electric shock or a hit from the whiplash.

If you prefer something more leisurely, you can turn to Poly-Play, the first and only videogame machine produced in the former GDR by VEB Polytechnik Karl-Marx-Stadt between 1985 and 1989. This piece cost the incredible amount of 35.000 Mark in socialist currency.

The subsequent part of the exhibition again is not short on information for those who really are looking for exactly that. No matter whether you are just thirsting for knowledge or obsessed with computers, a teacher or a tinkerer, somebody looking for professional information or for inspiration as a designer of games. We present job descriptions like that of the screen-designer and the history of the development of a culture that has seized people all over the world. In addition you can also enjoy an introduction into the world of digital conservation.

If you have seen each of our objects you may realize you want to inspect one thing or another in more detail. 300 exhibits are quite a lot in the course of one hour. Well, you have to push your personal repeat button. Or you can come once again. And why not in the company of your friends? Or together with your family? Or with your club? Or with everybody you can think of?
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