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Highlights of famous games

In front of the arcade you find a fantastic installation: the milestones in the historical development, with 50 highlights of famous games. You can browse through them like in a library: Pacman of 1980, Bomb Jack some four years later. And then Tamagochi, the digital chicken you could nurture in 1996. Or Grand Theft Auto IV from 2008.
playing in three dimensions, start with the huge 3D-monitor from Sony
Right next to the milestones you see a first generation 3D-simulator, which operates simply by the movements of your body. Mind you, in three dimensions! That was in 1994. You can see it in its full working splendor together with Oculus Rift and Gear VR in special tours (Virtual Reality Check & Virtual Reality Experience). Since the complex technology of these machines means they have to be professionally attended when being used.

And whoever among you insists on playing instantly in three dimensions, well, you can start with the huge 3D-monitor from Sony or with 3DS, the smaller one produced by Nintendo.

Everywhere in the exhibition you are invited to explore interactive pieces of art as for example the Giant Joystick, not something you can operate with your pinkie. No, you will need both your arms to move this venerable piece. And since this can prove to be not very comfortable, you may climb onto the platform of the installation where you will be able to play and play.
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