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Hackers of Old at GeekFest in Berlin

Tuesday, 10. November, 2015
We are pleased to announce our support for GeekFest 2015, taking place on November 10 at betahaus on Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20.
GeekFest is organized by the American hacker legend John Draper a.k.a. "Captain Crunch" and Oliver Soehlke from This brings the founding fathers of home computer history together with one of the first hackers of all time. Most of the participating speakers met at the Homebrew Computer Club in Silicon Valley or hacked even before they had monitors. What was then still experimental and visionary, we know today as the foundation of our digital information society. In this respect, it will be interesting to see how the founding fathers perceive current developments.

This ties in directly to Apple founder Steve Wozniak’s visit to the Computerspielemuseum in 2013. There he recounted stories of the overlap of early home computers and video game history from his first-hand perspective.

All GeekFest speakers will take part in the video conference from the USA and Canada in rounds of talks. At the end of each round, questions from the audience will be answered, directly from the source. This event will be audio and video streamed. GeekFest Berlin-Stream

The Homebrew Computer Club in Silicon Valley was the most important birthplace of the home computer revolution. Among GeekFest’s guests are Lee Felsenstein, the organizer of the Homebrew Computer Clubs at the time, five more members from the early days, four members of Apple II’s developer team, the first software "pirate" and the first hacker of ARPANET (the precursor to the Internet) as well as the founder of the DigiBarn Computer Museum.

Stream viewers can actively participate in the event live as well as on the Computerspielemuseum’s audio stream channel at Voice-Republic. As an appetizer, we invite you to watch our interview with Steve Wozniak on the CSM YouTube channel.

GeekFest is brought to you by the Computerspielemuseum, Graphscape and betahaus from Berlin. The event begins at 6pm in betahaus.
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