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A new timeline from the Computerspielemuseum

Wednesday, 6. June, 2018
Few will contest that computer games are an essential part of our culture. But what events really shaped this recognition?
The new Timeline published by the Computerspielemuseum fills this knowledge gap. It takes a step back to go beyond subjective preferences and the quality of individual games to gather those events that had a crucial impact on our general culture. It presents the interstices where computer games connected with established cultural sectors and genres such as literature, film, drama and music as well as with the realms of politics and science.
This creates a panorama of events spanning from the beginnings of the games to the present, thus inviting users to explore this field and maybe make surprising discoveries. The Timeline boasts of various features so that you can select contents as well as the mode of presentation according to your personal preferences.

The Timeline is an international project, which will be enhanced steadily in cooperation with partners like the European Federation of Game Archives, Museums and Preservation Projects (

The project is funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds as part of the State-of-the-game project series run by the Computerspielemuseum.
You can access the Timeline under
Here you find the press release.
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