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Highlights of the exhibition

Coming from Alexanderplatz, you will get here by metro in only five minutes. Then it’s a few hundred meters more eastward towards the avenue with the famous buildings in Stalinist wedding cake style. Here you will find the first European museum for video and computer games, which everybody is keen to visit: Large and small, the young and old, Berlin citizens and tourists alike!
Here you can meet them all
Because here, you can meet them all! The top performers and other famous pieces such as the legendary Pong-Machine, Nimrod, PainStation, and the Giant Joystick are all here for you to play with. Historical treasures like “PolyPlay” as well as games for dancing and movement are all part of our exhibition containing more than 300 objects altogether. Rare originals, classics still in working order and unique pieces of art – all take their place among the exhibits. With you on board, an entertaining journey through the 21st century can begin.
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Karl-Marx-Allee 93a
10243 Berlin

Phone (visitor service):
+49 30 6098 8577