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Welcome to the Computerspielemuseum

We are open!

We are open during the holidays from 10am to 8pm. Please book online tickets beforehand!
Permanent Exhibition
Our permanent exhibition “Computerspiele. Evolution eines Mediums” ("Computer Games. Evolution of a Medium") opened on January 21st, 2011. Containing over 300 exhibits, including rare originals, playable classics, and more, will turn you into “Homo Ludens Digitalis" so that you can create your own image of the gamers that made this medium of entertainment possible. Make your visit a historical journey of games and their creators with things to do and see for everyone of all ages! (more)
Special Exhibition
Longing and Digital Games
We long for another being, for certain objects or places, for an idealised situation. Games as digital works of art also depict our longings. Digital games are closely related to our personal, social and political realities. They take up individual destinies as well as social discourses or political agendas. Our special exhibition makes longings in digital games experiencable. (more)

Ticket Prices and Visitor Service

Ticket Prices
Regular: € 11
Reduced: € 7
Small family ticket: € 18 (max. 1 adult, max. 3 persons)
Large family ticket: 29 € (max. 2 adults, max. 6 persons)
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+49 30 6098 8577

Karl-Marx-Allee 93a, 10243 Berlin

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We welcome our visitors daily from 10 am to 8 pm.
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