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Welcome to the Computerspielemuseum

Permanent Exhibition
Our permanent exhibition “Computerspiele. Evolution eines Mediums” ("Computer Games. Evolution of a Medium") opened on January 21st, 2011. Containing over 300 exhibits, including rare originals, playable classics, and more, will turn you into “Homo Ludens Digitalis" so that you can create your own image of the gamers that made this medium of entertainment possible. Make your visit a historical journey of games and their creators with things to do and see for everyone of all ages! (more)
Special Exhibition
On 08.04.2019 the Computer Games Museum opened its new special exhibition. Befitting Japanese cherry blossom, the Computerspielemuseum draws attention to video game culture in Japan. The exhibition’s focus is on the history of the Japanese games industry, public and private gaming culture, and the interaction between Japanese gaming and pop culture.

discounts after 6 pm

Monday, 15. April 2019
We’re also happy to help you find various discounts after 6 pm for individuals, families, and groups. Thus, safe a few bucks and grab your discount (up to 22%) after 6 pm: Normal Ticket 7 € instead of 9 € | Families (up to 5 people): 16 € instead of 19 € | Reduced: 5 € instead of 6 €. We hope you stop by and enjoy your stay. ...

lunar landing at computerspielemuseum

Saturday, 20. July 2019
50 years ago, on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin landed on the moon. Let's celebrate this with a beautiful game from 1979. ...

Ticket Prices and Visitor Service

Ticket Prices
Regular: € 9 (after 6 pm: € 7)
Reduced: € 6 (after 6 pm: € 5)
Family ticket: € 19 (after 6 pm € 16)
5 people, max. 2 adults
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We welcome our visitors daily from 10 am to 8 pm.

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